Celebrity Colonic Followers…… part one…..


Many people look to celebrities to see what trends are emerging. Style, fashion, and even health decisions are based on what famous folk are up to. It has become increasingly trendy to partake in a colon cleanse and many “A” list celebrities have been open about the type of cleanse they do and the results achieved.
Sometimes, or previously, a hush-hush topic, celebrities are publicly endorsing the benefits of colon cleansing. Many have attested that the practice has helped them remove harmful toxins from their body. In turn, this has helped many have higher energy, improved well being, and less bloating.

1. Oprah Winfrey
For Oprah, colon cleansing was an accompaniment to her weight loss program. She has publicly announced having seen wonderful results, and has endorsed the  cleansing process.


2. Madonna

Madonna has claimed that, in conjunction with good exercise and diet, colon cleansing has helped keep her in shape. The preferred means of cleansing for her, and many celebrities, has been colon hydrotherapy, also known as a colonic. This method, similar to an enema, utilizes a tube inserted into the rectum to deliver water to flush toxins and waste out of the body.


Here at THE CLEANSE we have lots of happy clients who are made to feel like celebrities! Our state of the art LIBBE systems provide a safe, discrete  and relaxing treatment.  Clients leave feeling refreshed and re-eneregised.  A course of 3-5 treatments can be really beneficial,  not only helping to kick start weight loss but helping you to rejuvenate from the inside out.  Colonic hydrotherapy can improve skin, hair and nails.  It instantly helps banish that bloated feeling and relieves the symptoms of constipation.

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Love YOU from the inside



If its good enough for Gwynnie….




The Christmas and party binging is over.


No more excuses and no chronic last pigouts.


gwyneth paltrowMade popular by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow ( the Cleanses’s fave celeb! ) amongst many others. Its detox time once again.  Our Gwynnie has, for years been an advocate of colonic irrigation.  She mentions regularly about colonic hydrotherapy on her lifestyle website Gloop.



Well good news!! You don’t need to be a Hollywood a-lister !!!

The Cleanse, colonic hydrotherapy is in Barnet!!!

And you dont have to be part of the super rich either as our extended offer of 2 colonics for just £80.00 mean that you will be saving a massive £40!!! 

It really is the moment to reclaim your body and your health.

But where to begin when left with the bloated and weighty repercussions of intense end-of-the year gluttony? It’s not easy to detox when you’re caught in crave-the-entire-bread-basket before-your-starter-has-even-arrived cycle. Not to mention that you’re lethargic from not enough sleep and too low on energy to hit the gym.

Rather, you’re filled with endless excuses as to why tomorrow will be a better day to get back into the routine of healthy living.

This Isn’t Just Laying Off The Booze For a Few Weeks

Just like the spring and winter cleaning we do for our home, it’s great to do the same with your body and detox at least twice a year as the seasons change.

natural energiserDetoxing can be a test of discipline and dedication. Regular detoxers swear it boosts energy, increases mental clarity and has skin glowing. For first time detoxers the best results come to those who are able to spend a few days out of your normal schedule and really concentrate on the task in a gentle manner.  Forgoing meats, dairy, grains, fish and fiber and subsisting only on fresh, organic fruits and vegetable juices is easier to maintain when far away from  others. Its all about preparation and forward thinking, making the experience as easy as possible.

A three to five day detox can really welcome the return of energy, restful sleep and overall good feeling. A two-week detox is obvioulsy tougher but brings on significant yet natural weight loss. Most people see 5-7 lbs melt off in a week and as much as 20 lbs in two weeks. After the initial three days of the more challenging 2 week option, detoxers find that hunger pangs, cravings and nausea from low blood sugar disappear. Colonic hydrotherapy in conjunction with your detox will make sure you see the optimum results.

The Cleanse has offers running throughout January to help you on your journey to a healthier happier you.  Contact us NOW.

libbe 2



fad diets



As the silly season approaches, here at THE CLEANSE we ask our self  ” Why is it that common sense disappears when a celebrity swears by the latest fad?

This is in honor of our silly compulsions and get-skinny-quick desires.

Zoe Kravitz

1. Clay Cleanse

We’ve heard of celebrities doing ridiculous diets that include maple syrup, purple foods and baby food – but now there’s one that involves drinking clay. Actual clay made from volcanic ash – yikes. Both Zoe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley have admitted using the clay cleanse, with Zoe using it to lose weight for a film role that saw her portraying an anorexic and bulimic – she reportedly lost 20lbs. She told Us Weekly: ‘I ended up drinking clay because it cleans out your body and fills you up. I was eating like a Mason jar of pureed vegetables a day and running.’

Shiliene Woodley

Does clay have cleansing abilities that help remove toxins? Yes. But usually clay is used as a face mask to remove skin impurities, or used in a culinary context to eliminate toxicants in food sources.

This wacky trend was brought to the spotlight by actress Shailene Woodley, who described clay as “one of the best things you can put into your body,”. But other than that hype, there is no substantial evidence that clays remove toxins, or that they should be consumed as a purifying measure. There are far better ways to get minerals, and besides, our liver and kidneys do a pretty good job detoxifying our bodies without mud. Let them do their job.

The science behind the clay cleanse is that the substance has binding properties, which cleanse your digestive track by sticking all the rubbish together and removing it when you poo.clay
Bentonite clay comes in powder form and is mixed with water. Dieters will lose weight because it helps keep them fuller for longer, as well as sweeping out the toxins and heavy metals from the body.
Sarah Brewer, doctor and author of The Total Detox Plan, says ‘[It] isn’t something she would recommend. Clay is very binding, so it could cause constipation and long-term it could even remove useful things from the body like iron.’
And it gets worse: the Food Standards Agency has warned that some products bought from online retailers have been found to contain arsenic, exposure to which could lead to ‘an increased risk of lung, skin and bladder cancer.’

Looks like you should just stick to your good old healthy eating plan instead…
Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2014/07/15/shailene-woodley-and-zoe-kravitz-swear-by-it-but-would-you-drink-clay-to-lose-weight-4798615/#ixzz4QxVJ9E3J

2. Cricket Protein250px-criquet-1l

This one just screams…Im  A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!!! Okay, this may not be damaging to your health, but it’s certainly strange and may take some getting used to before they become mainstream. Crickets have already found their way into plenty of popular foods: protein bars, dried as a snack (similar to dried fruit), flour, chips, and cookies.

That’s right, protein derived from creepy, crawly, and even winged creatures is generating buzz among the health obsessed as the new go-to food for fueling your workouts and staying fit and lean.

“When it comes to bugs, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization has identified almost 2,000 types of edible insect species,” says Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE, and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In fact, in 2013 the UN released a report arguing that insects are a viable — and highly nutritious food source, rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Beyond that, eating insects might be good for the environment, offering an easy, cheap way to feed people worldwide as the planet’s population steadily climbs towards the nine billion mark.

The forever youthful Sir Cliff Richard

3. The Blood-Type Diet

Researchers from the University of Toronto discovered the theory behind the blood-type diet, which claims an individual’s nutritional needs depends on their blood type, is unfounded and invalid.

The amazing Martine!

Popularized by the popular book Eat Right For Your Type, the theory maintained that one’s blood type can improve health and lower the risk of chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease. These researchers shut the notion down, saying someone’s ability to respond favorably to a diet depends on his or her ability to stay on the diet, not on their type of blood.

In Eat Right For Your Type Dr D’Admao matches the blood type to dietary recommendations, summarised here.

•The O diet Eat meat (high protein, low carbohydrate). Cut out wheat and most other grains. Engage in vigorous aerobic exercise. Your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat incorrectly for your type.

•The A diet You should be largely vegetarian (eating a high carbohydrate, low fat diet). Engage in gentle exercise such as yoga or golf and meditate to deal with stress. Your risk factors for cancer and heart disease increase if you eat incorrectly, according to Dr D’Admao.

•The B diet You should have the most varied diet of all the blood types, one including meat; yours is the only blood type that does well with dairy products. Engage in exercise such as moderate swimming or walking. Your risk for slow-growing viruses that attack the nervous system increases if you eat incorrectly for your type.

•The AB diet You have most of the benefits and intolerances of types A and B, so most foods which are recommended for either type A or B will also work for you. Engage in calming exercises and relaxation techniques. You have the friendliest immune system.

In the UK 46 per cent of people have O type blood, 42 per cent A, nine per cent B and three per cent A/B.

Cheryl Cole, Martine McCutcheon, Mirander Kerr and our very own Sir Cliff Richard have all at one time or another been on the blood type diet.

4. Butter Coffeebutter-coffee

Now this one is very controversial in my house as my husband, Jamie, swears by them!!! Bulletproof Coffee, recently back int he news, is a caffeinated concoction. Not your typical cup of coffee, it’s brewed with two-thirds of a stick of grass-fed butter. Let’s be clear; grass-fed butter is still butter, whether it comes from cows, sheep, goats, or yaks, it’s still adding 100 to 200 calories to your coffee.

The beverage is said to boost energy, shrink your waistline, and promote brain function, however a report in the Daily Mail says “any extra energy experienced by drinkers is merely a placebo effect,”.

Butter is high in saturated fat, which raises cholesterol and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. But those who follow the Paleo diet will likely be fans of the coffee since it falls within their hat-fat regimen.


5. Charcoal Cleanse

Hospitals use a special charcoal cocktail to flush poison and alcohol out of patients’ systems. In 2014, normal people decided the black mess at the bottom of their grill would work great as a cleansing agent.

Activated charcoal is special, The DailyBurn reports, because of its efficacy in large surface areas. Carbon is treated with an oxidizing agent, which turns it to a fine dust with millions of pores and an immediate surface area that reduces the body’s absorption of poison (drugs and alcohol) by 47 percent. Everything—charcoal doesn’t discriminate, it will absorb everything—in your gut will stick to the charcoal and move through your body to be expelled in your next bowel movement. Lovely.fads celebrity

charcoalThis black, sandy substance may have a proven track record in urgent care settings, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to self-administer. If you decide to use it anyway,  take it under the guidance of a doctor so they can track your liver and enzyme levels, to ensure your body is not becoming depleted of essential nutrients.

It’s also important to note that the powder, which will turn your stools black when ingested, can mask upper GI bleeding that may be a side effect of serious digestive distress.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is to figure out the cause of your digestive problem before running to take activated charcoal. There might be something else going on in your system that is causing your symptoms.


Banner-2AND NOW FOR SOME SENSIBLE ADVICE…..Colonic Therapy IS an amazing treatment that leaves you feeling less bloated, helps to lose weight and will have you feeling regenerated. It will put a spring in your step! You will find yo sleep better and have mental clarity.

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Healthy Lifestyle – A Wellbeing Dream – Inside and OUT




nuts and apples and cheese

It goes without saying The Cleanse promotes combining a healthy eating plan along with regular exercise to really feel the best we can.  Looking after ourselves from the inside is of optimum importance.  A course of colonic hydrotherapy sessions can really kickstart this principle. Even just ONE session is beneficial to our wellbeing.

We are taking a look at the brilliant regime Kate Hudson has in place to make sure she feels and looks her best at all times.

yogurt with fresh fruit

Kate’s Daily Diet:   Breakfast;  Yogurt with fresh fruit

Lunch;  Homemade Kale soup

Dinner; Tuna salad with green veg

Snacks; Nuts, apples and cheese.

Kate’s Food Rules; Kate does a juice cleanse a few times a year and for the rest of the time she controls portion size and makes informed choices. If she has a cheat day and has, for example, a pizza she will be stricter the following day.

5 small meals


Before big events Kate will have 5 small meals spread out during the day. This is so theres never one big meal in her stomach. Eating small portions regularly speeds up your metabolism and keeps you burning food and calorie efficiently.

As a general rule Kate’s diet is no sugar, no white flour, no bread and little or minimal alcohol.  She avoids simple empty calories – things like milky tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.

nicole stuart - kate hudsons personal tainer
nicole stuart – kate hudsons personal tainer

Kates Exercise Mandate; Nicole Stuart is the amazing trainer that kate can thank for helping her to sculpt her bikini bod! As Kate is a mum to two boys time is of the essence. Kate has worked out all of her life, she is a brilliant dancer and regularly takes a dance class.  She’s also interested in yoga, boxing and hiking.  It’s not that Kate is mad about training, its just that she has always trained and knows how important it is to make it part of her daily routine – just like brushing her teeth!  One of Kate’s “secrets” is that she carries a skipping rope everywhere shed goes and if she only has a few minutes she’ll skip! Even 5 to 10 minutes of energetic skipping is beneficial – it can really add up and make a difference.

Kate will often put full effort into a 20 minute workout incorporating a combination of treadmill and skipping for a quick cardio blast. Then she might go to the floor and do 3 sets of 12 crunches.

skipppingcrunchie with stretch to toes


Kate regularly is seen pounding the pavement , with her fave music in her ears to really keep her going. Kate’s love of being outside and keeping fit really make it easy for her to throw herself into her fitness regime.  When its fun its easy!




The Cleanse Asks…Can Juicing Help Me Lose 5lb in 5 days??



carol v

When Carol Vorderman famously tweeted pictures of her amazingly svelte and healthy looking figure after a recent trip to a juice retreat, she was one of the first celebrities to sing the praises of the virtues of juicing. Thats all very well for those  in the public eye with personal assistants and people that look after your every whim – but what about the rest of us?? Can we get through life ( well five days ) on juice alone. So, being the eternal optimist Ive decided to set myself a challenge with a slight twist – I would juice for five days and incorparate two colonic hydrotherapy sessions into the mix! – Well there has to be some benefit of owning THE CLEANSE!

weight loss witht colonic

The plan was simple – Every day you make two juices which you sip at 10am, 1pm,4pm and 7pm.  First thing, on waking, you start the day with a shot ( no unfortunately not vodka ) this is made with half an apple and a chunk of ginger.  You can drink as much water as you like ( thanks ! ) and as many herbal teas.  If you get really desperate you can snack on an avocado or a banana.

natural energiser

On the first day Im raring to go – it takes a little bit of organising but Im quite good at making lists so had managed to get everything I needed the day before.  The morning shot is straightforward which is handy as the other juices can be a little more tricky! With names like Turbo With A Kick and Natural Energiser the names were certainly inspiring.

turbo with a kick

I sip my juices as directed and don’t exactly feel hungry but a little light headed. ( This is apparently my Red Bull withdrawal symptoms )I decide an early night is on the cards so I make my excuses to my daughter who doesn’t seem to bothered as she doesn’t look up from her smart phone.  My husband is wondering where his dinner is but I can’t face being close to food I can’t eat.


Day 2 – Again we start with the shot. I have my first of two colonic hydrotherapy and feel have good results.  Have the first juice of the day which this time is the aptly named Veggie Power Smoothie.  This ones really nice and I definitely feel better then yesterday.  Todays other juice is Ruby Tuesday , this ones even nicer with a lovely splash of pineapple to really give it some zing.

My favourite Ruby Tuesday – always seemed tastier in a cocktail glass!

Day 3 – Much the same am trying to keep myself busy as am feeling a little hungry  can’t do to much as feel quite weak but not so much that I want to give in.

Day 4 – Much the same! However Im actually beginning to feel a bounce in my step, well maybe a low hop but its definitely an improvement, I feel very positive and focused.

Day 5 – Have the second of my Colonic hydrotherapy sessions at THE CLEANSE which was amazing, took the time during the treatment to really relax and respect the workings of my body and how in just a few days I can feel cleansed, alert and positive.

white jeansThe Outcome – yes yes yes Ive actually lost 6lbs and Im feeling very smug!  Was it fun? not exactly!  Will I do it again , well , maybe if I was getting ready for a big night out or a holiday.  You do get used to the whole organisational aspect of it, its just quite difficult to go about your normal day without solid food!



The Natural Energiser
Creamy, sweet and mellow pineapple juice is the perfect balance to the mineral rich juice from the cucumber, spinach, sugar snap peas and courgette. This juice is then taken to the next level by adding a hint of fennel and a dash of zesty lime.
Not only is this juice creamy and delicious, but unlike the array of artificial energizer drinks (that ultimately rob your body of nutrients, cause stress to your vital organs and send you on a roller coaster of refined sugar energy highs and lows) this juice will energize you the natural way – say “high” to nature!
Juicy Ingredients:
1/4 pineapple
1 large handful of spinach
1/4 cucumber
1/2 courgette
1cm chunk of fennel
15 sugar snap peas
1/2 lime (with the skin on)
Simply Juice all the ingredients and pour over ice.
I was unsure what to expect having never juiced fennel before, but this juice is delicious. Definitely one I will be making again after the 5 day programJuicy

Ruby Tuesday Ingredients:
1/4 pineapple
2 medium carrots
1 small bulb of raw beetroot
Chunk of fresh ginger root (The recipe states ½ cm chunk, but I love ginger so added a bit more)
4 sprigs of fresh basil with leaves
Simply Juice all the ingredients and pour over ice.

The Cleanse asks…Will Face Oils Save Us All From Wrinkles.



points of face and oil


Here at The Cleanse we firmly believe beauty and wellbeing start from the inside but we are not adverse to finding out any tips and secrets that can really help us to look and feel the best we can.  Clear , vibrant skin is just one of the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy, ridding your body of toxins really does make your skin glow!   

There are many Hollywood stars who’s skin literally glisten with health and vitality, one of them is Catherine Zeta JonesIf you’re wondering how Catherine Zeta-Jones manages to keep her skin so dewy at 46, she’s more than happy to share her secret.

czj 2

The Hollywood star has told how she uses argan oil to moisturise her complexion, saying she ‘saturates’ her face with it to keep looking youthful.
Although the product is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen for its supposed health properties, Miss Zeta-Jones, like many women, prefers to make it part of her daily beauty regime. She said: ‘I’m finding, just from travelling from New York and being in heated hotel rooms, my skin feels like a Walker’s crisp at the moment, but I’ve been using some argan oil just to saturate my skin at night, so it has some nourishment as I sleep, to start the day a little bit more hydrated.’ She added: ‘I think happiness is the best tonic for keeping us youthful. Being happy with who you are inside radiates on the outside.’ The oil is produced from nuts of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco and has long been used by Berber women to treat ailments such as dry skin, acne, wrinkles, joint pain and even stretch marks.

argan oil
The traditional harvesting method involves letting goats eat the nuts, which are softer and easier to crack once they have passed through their gut.
However, the cosmetics industry has developed more modern extraction techniques. Experts say it contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help those with arthritis or rheumatism.

Here are some other popular facial oils that we have found, remember a good massage technique will really give optimum benefits.

For tired skin: Fresh Seaberry Moisturising Face Oil, £28.60
Packed with omega oils this concentrate drenches your skin with essential fatty acids that a stressed out skin can lose all too easily. Expect plump, happy skin almost immediately.

The night shift: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £36
Featuring a liquid remedy of botanical and essential oils, this midnight blue elixir revives even the most stressed-out skin. It promises younger looking skin by morning (we think they’re right) while the clinical trials showed younger looking skin over time too.

The anti-ager: L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil, £13.33
L’Oreal Paris’ new age perfect oil is your winter-skin antidote. It may be lightweight, and non-greasy in texture, but it uses eight, fast-absorbing, essential oils to nourish, quench and brighten skin. It also leaves a healthy barrier between your skin and the elements once again. Using morning or night, or as a touch up on super arid areas.

The stress SOS: Decléor Aromessence™ Néroli Super Serum, £46.75
Calming for your mind and skin, this 100 per cent natural, super fine essential oil infused with neroli absorbs in milliseconds to restore, and hydrate, stressed out skin to its former bright and restful glory.



What could be more romantic ……a colonic for your Valentine


What do these celebtiriies have in common…

michelle k rosessteve tyler rosesoprha roses

They have all made the mistake of either buying boring flowers for their loved ones on valentines day!!!!!!or receiving them –  Big mistake – HUGE.

Poor Michelle Keegan is having to pretend to like her roses from Mark Wright.  Its obvious that Stevie Tylers sweetheart will not be happy – where is  she going to find  a vase that big?  And well as for Oprah she’s put them outside her spare visitors toilet – a sure sign she’s not happy.  They would have been better off with their loved ones organising a session at THE CLEANSE.

How do I love thee…..Let me count the ways.

Show your true love just how much you love them by treating them to  the ultimate romantic gesture – A colonic hydrotherapy session.  The gift that keeps on giving.  This amazing procedure will show your Valentine that you love them from the INSIDE out – literally.

This February 14th don’t be boring , Colonic therapy is an age old procedure that has numerous benefits including giving you more energy – perfect for an evening of valentine fun!

Colon hydrotherapy can help you lose weight( might not want to mention that one to your partner! ) look fabulous and radiant.

Help your valentine feel rejuvenated.

Men and women alike regularly benefit from colon cleansing. Why not come together and have a session each.♥♥♥

animals in love

Who needs a bunch of roses on Valentines day…… be remembered as the partner that organised their colonic therapy session!

love 4

The Cleanse is in awe of the amazing Keanu Reeves…





Every now and again you read something that really hits home and makes you realise just how wonderful life is.  Here at THE CLEANSE we try our best to promote a healthy lifestyle to our clients. We have many regular clients who come back time after time and feel that colonic hydrotherapy has really helped them to feel both happier and healthier.

This, after all is what life is all about.


Ive often read about Keanu Reeves being not only gentle and kind but generous and very wise.  He’s been through terrible personal traumas but seems so grateful to be part of the human race.  A true inspiration.

Keanu Reeves writes.. “My friend’s mom has eaten healthy all her life. Never ever consumed alcohol or any “bad” food, exercised every day, very limber, very active, took all supplements suggested by her doctor, never went in the sun without sunscreen and when she did it was for as short a period as possible- so pretty much she protected her health with the utmost that anyone could. She is now 76 and has skin cancer, bone marrow cancer and extreme osteoporosis.

My friend’s father eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on top of butter, fat on top of fat, never and I mean never exercised, was out in the sun burnt to a crisp every summer, he basically took the approach to live life to his fullest and not as others suggest. He is 81 and the doctors says his health is that of a young person.
People you cannot hide from your poison. It’s out there and it will find you so in the words of my friend’s still living mother: ” if I would have known my life would end this way I would have lived it more to the fullest enjoying everything I was told not to!”

None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”


Celebrity Colonic Followers……part 3


Well you didn’t think we could leave out the wonderful Gwyneth Paltrow in our update of celebrities who love colonic cleansing do you???? Yes the Paltrow has introduced us Brits to a number of ‘faddy” gadgets and procedures BUT her understanding and promotion of colon cleansing really is one of her more sensible and cost effective regimes.
gwyneth paltrow

The Cleanse Celebrity number 5……..Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is such an advocate of colon cleansing that she has teamed up with a specialised company to create her own colon cleanse products to be sold through her GOOP website –  The GOOP Cleanse. Paltrow’s company claims that you will be left feeling healthier, more energetic, and lighter as the toxins and waste leave your body. However at a massive $425.00 ( yes four hundred and twenty five dollars !!! ) it works out very expensive.

Here at THE CLEANSE we salute Gwyneth’s perseverance in her lifestyle choices, but we believe that her price tag is a little steep.  Colonic Hydrotherapy at THE CLEANSE  starts at a more affordable price! One session costs just £60.00 or if you take advantage of our extended opening offer of 2 sessions for £80.00 then you can save your dollars !! Her healthy living schedule is sometimes made fun of but you do have to agree, she’s doing something right as she looks amazingly healthy.


Even More Celebrity Colonic Followers…… Part 2!!



PART TWO of  THE CLEANSEs look at Hollywood royalty and there interest in all things colonic.  As we know, colonic therapy can be a very beneficial procedure and you can bet in tinsel town they’re paying top dollar for the same treatment we can offer you in good old Barnet!!!! We are extending our opening offer of 2  x colonics for £80.00. ( RRP £75.00 per treatment ) So, an offer of star quality!!!!

And back to the celebrities who already enjoy ……….

leonardo di caprio

The Cleanse Celebrity number 3……. Leonardo DiCaprio Also now an advocate, Leonardo DiCaprio has said he was initially hesitant to try the hydrotherapy cleanse. Despite his reluctancy, he gave it a try and now speaks highly of the benefits he experienced.  Here at THE CLEANSE we will be waiting with baited breath for the Wolf Of Wolf Street to walk through our door…

britney spear

The Cleanse Celebrity number 4…… Britney Spears
The recent retransformation of Britney Spears has been, at least partially, credited to her colon cleansing practices. It has been rumored that it was actually her father who convinced her to try the process to support her health, thanks to his own body detoxification experiences. She’s no longer TOXIC.