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Detox and feel amazing with colonic hydrotherapy

The Cleanse Ltd offers colonic irrigation using the LIBBE system which is known as an open system. It’s a very safe, easy and dignified treatment which can help to clean the large intestine (colon) by gently introducing flowing water.

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About The Cleanse

My name is Joanna Mclean, I’m 47 years old, am married and have a teenage daughter.

I’ve been an advocate of colonic irrigation after it literally changed my life. I had suffered with digestion problems for years. For as long as I can remember I tolerated that nasty bloating feeling you get when you don’t go regularly.

About Our Colonic Hydrotherapy

Our treatment is relaxing and can often leave you feeling a sensation of clarity – both physically and mentally. It is extremely beneficial to the whole body. It can help in clearing skin, improves circulation enhances detoxification , relieves bloating and heaviness and can kick start weight loss.


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