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Well you didn’t think we could leave out the wonderful Gwyneth Paltrow in our update of celebrities who love colonic cleansing do you???? Yes the Paltrow has introduced us Brits to a number of ‘faddy” gadgets and procedures BUT her understanding and promotion of colon cleansing really is one of her more sensible and cost effective regimes.
gwyneth paltrow

The Cleanse Celebrity number 5……..Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is such an advocate of colon cleansing that she has teamed up with a specialised company to create her own colon cleanse products to be sold through her GOOP website –  The GOOP Cleanse. Paltrow’s company claims that you will be left feeling healthier, more energetic, and lighter as the toxins and waste leave your body. However at a massive $425.00 ( yes four hundred and twenty five dollars !!! ) it works out very expensive.

Here at THE CLEANSE we salute Gwyneth’s perseverance in her lifestyle choices, but we believe that her price tag is a little steep.  Colonic Hydrotherapy at THE CLEANSE  starts at a more affordable price! One session costs just £60.00 or if you take advantage of our extended opening offer of 2 sessions for £80.00 then you can save your dollars !! Her healthy living schedule is sometimes made fun of but you do have to agree, she’s doing something right as she looks amazingly healthy.


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