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1 x colonic initial treatment with consultation £75.00

1 x colonic £60 each

2 x colonic £95 ( £47.50 each )

3 x colonic £135 ( £45 each )

5 x colonic £200 ( £40 each )

The cleanse ltd offers colonic irrigation using the LIBBE system which is known as an open system. It’s a very safe, easy and dignified treatment which can help to clean the the large intestine (colon) by gently introducing flowing water which continuously flows in and out of the body, breaking down any hardened waste and helping to expel toxins.

Our colon suffers the most abuse from modern dietary habits and stress. In today’s fast paced life it is essential that we make every effort to help our body work to its optimum point.

An internal cleansing of the colon allows us to remove waste, toxins, mucus and gasses helping the colon to absorb nutrients better and to re tone and re train it.

Our treatment is relaxing and can often leave you feeling a sensation of clarity – both physically and mentally. It is extremely beneficial to the whole body. It can help in clearing skin, improves circulation enhances detoxification , relieves bloating and heaviness and can kick start weight loss.

The water is gently introduced into the rectum using a pencil thin plastic nozzle which is self inserted. As a therapist i monitor you throughout the treatment but respect that its your choice if you would prefer me to simply wait outside the room where i am on call for you should you need any reassurance and advice. Or should you request i can stay with you throughout the treatment. Our initial consultation gives you the chance to ask any questions and lets me reassure you of the procedure.

Our three treatment rooms reflect a calm , warm ambience with essential oils and bluetooth so that you can listen to your own music or something we have chosen.

After the treatment you will receive a probiotic drink along with aftercare advice. I am then only at the end of the phone or email to make sure you achieve your needs long term.

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