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FREE COLONICS …For Father Christmas and his little helpers…..


billybobHO HO HO What an amazing offer FREE COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY for any Santa’s or any of his helpers…If you work at the North Pole or you are Santa or Mrs Claus then we are happy to offer you FREE Colonic Therapy.

Everybody else can take advantage of our seasonal offer of 2 colonic hydrotherapy sessions for just £80.00….

Colonic Hydrotherapy is an amazing way to feel great and de-stress in the run up to Christmas.  Not to mention getting rid of that bloated feeling just before the PARTY season.  So if you’re struggling to feel fab in your dress or sparkly  jumpsuit, then give colonic therapy a go!tweight loss with colon cleansing

Sessions usually cost £60.00 However we have a special offer running throughout December and January of  2 sessions for just £80.00


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