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Colon hydrotherapy is an amazing treatment that gives you a kick start in improving your diet, lifestyle and exercise regime.
Individuals suffering from constipation and bloating can benefit greatly from  colon hydrotherapy.  Likewise, if you suffer from toxicity of the bowels your symptoms can be greatly relieved by cleansing the colon.
It’s true to say,  a session of colonic hydrotherapy  literally acts like a “workout” for your colon. It can restore and encourage peristalsis. ( the name of the muscle movement of the colon ) When peristalsis is reactivated, the colon will tone up, thereby helping to provide more normal elimination functions.
healthy imsgr of colonic juiceFor any clients wishing to embark on a detox programme, colon hydrotherapy and an eating plan are a great combination for any detox. Whatever the detox programme you choose and whatever the reason, weight loss or lack of energy etc, colon hydrotherapy can assist in clearing toxins out of the body as quickly as possible.
Colon hydrotherapy is a fantastic option when dealing with a high stress lifestyle which requires the individual to perform consistently at his/her peak. Stress often manifests in some conditions, so many high stress individuals may be stressedconstipated or bloated as a result.
A combination of colon hydrotherapy, diet overhaul and appropriate exercise programme, can assist in improving metabolism and improve energy levels and mental clarity, and reduce stress levels associated with the lifestyle.
Many health problems can be helped with colon hydrotherapy.
As well as bloating and digestive disorders, a compacted, sluggish colon can also cause many other common problems.
For example, a toxic colon can contribute towards:
Constipation         Diarrhoea               Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Bloated stomach       Wind              Indigestion        Headaches
Bad breath              Food cravings           Weight problems   Poor sleeping patterns
Bladder infection       Prostate problems       Menstrual problems
Puffy or dry eyes           Skin and nail problems      Irritability
Anxiety and depression
All of the above can be greatly reduced by colonic hydrotherapy.
Here at THE CLEANSE we offer the state of the art LIBBE system, an open colonic system that is safe, comfortable and gentle. Warm, purified water gently flows into your bottom through a tube no bigger then a pencil.  When the water is expelled the waste and toxins thats have been compacted in the large bowel are flushed away. The treatment takes about 40 minutes and we offer a pro biotic after the session to help replace any of the good bacteria that may have been lost.
Our amazing offer of 2 colonic sessions for just £80.00 really can’t be beat for value!!! Saving you FORTY pounds.
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