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The Christmas and party binging is over.


No more excuses and no chronic last pigouts.


gwyneth paltrowMade popular by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow ( the Cleanses’s fave celeb! ) amongst many others. Its detox time once again.  Our Gwynnie has, for years been an advocate of colonic irrigation.  She mentions regularly about colonic hydrotherapy on her lifestyle website Gloop.



Well good news!! You don’t need to be a Hollywood a-lister !!!

The Cleanse, colonic hydrotherapy is in Barnet!!!

And you dont have to be part of the super rich either as our extended offer of 2 colonics for just £80.00 mean that you will be saving a massive £40!!! 

It really is the moment to reclaim your body and your health.

But where to begin when left with the bloated and weighty repercussions of intense end-of-the year gluttony? It’s not easy to detox when you’re caught in crave-the-entire-bread-basket before-your-starter-has-even-arrived cycle. Not to mention that you’re lethargic from not enough sleep and too low on energy to hit the gym.

Rather, you’re filled with endless excuses as to why tomorrow will be a better day to get back into the routine of healthy living.

This Isn’t Just Laying Off The Booze For a Few Weeks

Just like the spring and winter cleaning we do for our home, it’s great to do the same with your body and detox at least twice a year as the seasons change.

natural energiserDetoxing can be a test of discipline and dedication. Regular detoxers swear it boosts energy, increases mental clarity and has skin glowing. For first time detoxers the best results come to those who are able to spend a few days out of your normal schedule and really concentrate on the task in a gentle manner.  Forgoing meats, dairy, grains, fish and fiber and subsisting only on fresh, organic fruits and vegetable juices is easier to maintain when far away from  others. Its all about preparation and forward thinking, making the experience as easy as possible.

A three to five day detox can really welcome the return of energy, restful sleep and overall good feeling. A two-week detox is obvioulsy tougher but brings on significant yet natural weight loss. Most people see 5-7 lbs melt off in a week and as much as 20 lbs in two weeks. After the initial three days of the more challenging 2 week option, detoxers find that hunger pangs, cravings and nausea from low blood sugar disappear. Colonic hydrotherapy in conjunction with your detox will make sure you see the optimum results.

The Cleanse has offers running throughout January to help you on your journey to a healthier happier you.  Contact us NOW.

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