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New year, new start. It’s the same old song!  Many of us propose drastic change to our lifestyles: time to finally shed those excess pounds, we say. Dieting is never going to be easy, but fresh on the roll-call of regimes is the Sirt Diet: and, with its much-lauded results, it looks set to eclipse all other faddy weight-loss crazes. But does it actually work?
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First things first: what, can we ask, are Sirts? The word is short for the group of proteins known as sirtuins, which play an integral role in regulating the chemical processes said to kickstart fat burn. They’re involved in cell processes which encourage DNA repair and help decrease vulnerability to disease. What’s more, research shows that sirtuins imitate the effects of low-calorie diets, which are cited as being able to extend lifespans. ‘Sirtfoods’ – including buckwheat, dark chocolate, green tea, olives, and turmeric – are so-named for their high levels of polyphenols, natural chemicals which activate sirtuins. When we consider that sirtfoods feature heavily in lifestyles with low rates of disease – in the Mediterranean diet, for example – it seems plausible that there’s something to be said for incorporating more of them into our diets.
Which ever diet you choose,  a healthy eating plan coupled with exercise can really make your life more fun, enjoyable and fulfilling .  Add colonic therapy into the mix and you are really on the way to optimum health and happiness.
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