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What do these celebtiriies have in common…

michelle k rosessteve tyler rosesoprha roses

They have all made the mistake of either buying boring flowers for their loved ones on valentines day!!!!!!or receiving them –  Big mistake – HUGE.

Poor Michelle Keegan is having to pretend to like her roses from Mark Wright.  Its obvious that Stevie Tylers sweetheart will not be happy – where is  she going to find  a vase that big?  And well as for Oprah she’s put them outside her spare visitors toilet – a sure sign she’s not happy.  They would have been better off with their loved ones organising a session at THE CLEANSE.

How do I love thee…..Let me count the ways.

Show your true love just how much you love them by treating them to  the ultimate romantic gesture – A colonic hydrotherapy session.  The gift that keeps on giving.  This amazing procedure will show your Valentine that you love them from the INSIDE out – literally.

This February 14th don’t be boring , Colonic therapy is an age old procedure that has numerous benefits including giving you more energy – perfect for an evening of valentine fun!

Colon hydrotherapy can help you lose weight( might not want to mention that one to your partner! ) look fabulous and radiant.

Help your valentine feel rejuvenated.

Men and women alike regularly benefit from colon cleansing. Why not come together and have a session each.♥♥♥

animals in love

Who needs a bunch of roses on Valentines day…… be remembered as the partner that organised their colonic therapy session!

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