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Feel amazing this Spring by incorporating colonic hydrotherapy into your health and wellness regime.  Colonic Therapy is a safe way of flushing toxins from your body which will reflect in your well being inside and out. Skin and nails also benefit from this age old therapy, it’s not only a great way to jumpstart your journey to a healthier , more energised you but can help with constipation and bloating.waste in colon description
When the body is in need of rebalancing it can often show itself through various parts of the body.  The colon is the most obvious resulting in diarrhoea , constipation, flatulence, bloating, candida and parasites.  Toxins can also effect our skin producing eczema, psoriasis, grey and dull complexion and other skin problems such as acne.  Another clue that our body is holding too many toxins can be in the form of liver and kidney pain.
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Colonic hydrotherapy, along with following a sensible diet and drinking lots of water helps to detox the body of these toxins that make us feel sluggish.  Colonic therapy helps rejuvenate the body as it eliminates what is no longer needed, such as excess fat. A better functioning colon can have an amazing effect on our skin, hair, nails and eyes.  Apart from the benefits we can “see” colonic therapy benefits our mental wellbeing, helping clear the mind and improves sleep patterns. Colonic therapy also improves metabolism and absorption and you will find a surge in energy levels.
A course of colonic hydrotherapy treatment can really kick start your health regime.  Even just one colonic treatment can be beneficial to your system.
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