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Here at THE CLEANSE we have always been aware of the benefits of probiotics  – big big news in the world of digestion! We always offer a top grade probiotic drink immediately after a colonic therapy session.
Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. Probiotics are naturally found in your body, you can also find them in some foods and supplements.
It’s only been since about the mid-1990s that people have wanted to know more about probiotics and their health benefits. Doctors often suggest them to help with digestive problems. And because of their newfound fame, you can find them in everything from yogurt to chocolate.
We are all familiar with most of this so far BUT what you might not know is that they  are finding there way into skincare too!! They have been found to help tackle acne, skin sensitivity, rosacea and even eczema.  Early research into topical use has produced very promising results, so premium brands are adding them to their active ingredient lists.  Clinique and Elizabeth Arden are only two of the recognisable names on board with these findings.
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It makes sense that good bacteria might help fight the bad ones behind acne and rosacea.  In the long term, they might also have a positive impact on skin hydration, sun damage and wrinkles. There is certainly a link between chronic low-grade inflammation and irritation and collagen breakdown and pigmentation, so it seems logical that anything that reduces irritation could help prevent problems such as wrinkles and age spots further down the line.
Now for the million dollar question…Should we be consuming probiotics or simply slathering them on our faces?
The answer, it seems, is both.  When applied to the skin, certain strains of probiotic may have a soothing, calming and strengthening effect on the surface layers.  Probiotics seem to send direct messages to skin cells, telling them to stop their release of inflammatory mediators. And as we mentioned before we are already aware of the benefits of orally taking probiotics as a supplement.
These are exciting times for research within this field. Its still in the early stages but one to definitely watch.
We will continue to offer and promote probiotics in powder form after a colonic hydrotherapy session at THE CLEANSE.
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