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nuts and apples and cheese

It goes without saying The Cleanse promotes combining a healthy eating plan along with regular exercise to really feel the best we can.  Looking after ourselves from the inside is of optimum importance.  A course of colonic hydrotherapy sessions can really kickstart this principle. Even just ONE session is beneficial to our wellbeing.

We are taking a look at the brilliant regime Kate Hudson has in place to make sure she feels and looks her best at all times.

yogurt with fresh fruit

Kate’s Daily Diet:   Breakfast;  Yogurt with fresh fruit

Lunch;  Homemade Kale soup

Dinner; Tuna salad with green veg

Snacks; Nuts, apples and cheese.

Kate’s Food Rules; Kate does a juice cleanse a few times a year and for the rest of the time she controls portion size and makes informed choices. If she has a cheat day and has, for example, a pizza she will be stricter the following day.

5 small meals


Before big events Kate will have 5 small meals spread out during the day. This is so theres never one big meal in her stomach. Eating small portions regularly speeds up your metabolism and keeps you burning food and calorie efficiently.

As a general rule Kate’s diet is no sugar, no white flour, no bread and little or minimal alcohol.  She avoids simple empty calories – things like milky tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.

nicole stuart - kate hudsons personal tainer

nicole stuart – kate hudsons personal tainer

Kates Exercise Mandate; Nicole Stuart is the amazing trainer that kate can thank for helping her to sculpt her bikini bod! As Kate is a mum to two boys time is of the essence. Kate has worked out all of her life, she is a brilliant dancer and regularly takes a dance class.  She’s also interested in yoga, boxing and hiking.  It’s not that Kate is mad about training, its just that she has always trained and knows how important it is to make it part of her daily routine – just like brushing her teeth!  One of Kate’s “secrets” is that she carries a skipping rope everywhere shed goes and if she only has a few minutes she’ll skip! Even 5 to 10 minutes of energetic skipping is beneficial – it can really add up and make a difference.

Kate will often put full effort into a 20 minute workout incorporating a combination of treadmill and skipping for a quick cardio blast. Then she might go to the floor and do 3 sets of 12 crunches.

skipppingcrunchie with stretch to toes


Kate regularly is seen pounding the pavement , with her fave music in her ears to really keep her going. Kate’s love of being outside and keeping fit really make it easy for her to throw herself into her fitness regime.  When its fun its easy!




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