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When Carol Vorderman famously tweeted pictures of her amazingly svelte and healthy looking figure after a recent trip to a juice retreat, she was one of the first celebrities to sing the praises of the virtues of juicing. Thats all very well for those  in the public eye with personal assistants and people that look after your every whim – but what about the rest of us?? Can we get through life ( well five days ) on juice alone. So, being the eternal optimist Ive decided to set myself a challenge with a slight twist – I would juice for five days and incorparate two colonic hydrotherapy sessions into the mix! – Well there has to be some benefit of owning THE CLEANSE!

weight loss witht colonic

The plan was simple – Every day you make two juices which you sip at 10am, 1pm,4pm and 7pm.  First thing, on waking, you start the day with a shot ( no unfortunately not vodka ) this is made with half an apple and a chunk of ginger.  You can drink as much water as you like ( thanks ! ) and as many herbal teas.  If you get really desperate you can snack on an avocado or a banana.

natural energiser

On the first day Im raring to go – it takes a little bit of organising but Im quite good at making lists so had managed to get everything I needed the day before.  The morning shot is straightforward which is handy as the other juices can be a little more tricky! With names like Turbo With A Kick and Natural Energiser the names were certainly inspiring.

turbo with a kick

I sip my juices as directed and don’t exactly feel hungry but a little light headed. ( This is apparently my Red Bull withdrawal symptoms )I decide an early night is on the cards so I make my excuses to my daughter who doesn’t seem to bothered as she doesn’t look up from her smart phone.  My husband is wondering where his dinner is but I can’t face being close to food I can’t eat.


Day 2 – Again we start with the shot. I have my first of two colonic hydrotherapy and feel have good results.  Have the first juice of the day which this time is the aptly named Veggie Power Smoothie.  This ones really nice and I definitely feel better then yesterday.  Todays other juice is Ruby Tuesday , this ones even nicer with a lovely splash of pineapple to really give it some zing.


My favourite Ruby Tuesday – always seemed tastier in a cocktail glass!

Day 3 – Much the same am trying to keep myself busy as am feeling a little hungry  can’t do to much as feel quite weak but not so much that I want to give in.

Day 4 – Much the same! However Im actually beginning to feel a bounce in my step, well maybe a low hop but its definitely an improvement, I feel very positive and focused.

Day 5 – Have the second of my Colonic hydrotherapy sessions at THE CLEANSE which was amazing, took the time during the treatment to really relax and respect the workings of my body and how in just a few days I can feel cleansed, alert and positive.

white jeansThe Outcome – yes yes yes Ive actually lost 6lbs and Im feeling very smug!  Was it fun? not exactly!  Will I do it again , well , maybe if I was getting ready for a big night out or a holiday.  You do get used to the whole organisational aspect of it, its just quite difficult to go about your normal day without solid food!



The Natural Energiser
Creamy, sweet and mellow pineapple juice is the perfect balance to the mineral rich juice from the cucumber, spinach, sugar snap peas and courgette. This juice is then taken to the next level by adding a hint of fennel and a dash of zesty lime.
Not only is this juice creamy and delicious, but unlike the array of artificial energizer drinks (that ultimately rob your body of nutrients, cause stress to your vital organs and send you on a roller coaster of refined sugar energy highs and lows) this juice will energize you the natural way – say “high” to nature!
Juicy Ingredients:
1/4 pineapple
1 large handful of spinach
1/4 cucumber
1/2 courgette
1cm chunk of fennel
15 sugar snap peas
1/2 lime (with the skin on)
Simply Juice all the ingredients and pour over ice.
I was unsure what to expect having never juiced fennel before, but this juice is delicious. Definitely one I will be making again after the 5 day programJuicy

Ruby Tuesday Ingredients:
1/4 pineapple
2 medium carrots
1 small bulb of raw beetroot
Chunk of fresh ginger root (The recipe states ½ cm chunk, but I love ginger so added a bit more)
4 sprigs of fresh basil with leaves
Simply Juice all the ingredients and pour over ice.

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