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Feeling BLOATED?….

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There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated and uncomfortable, but with causes being different for each individual, its often difficult to find one solution that works for all.  Colonic Hydrotherapy however, really seems to help a broad spectrum of people – whether its helping to relieve the pain of IBS or constipation or your looking to kick start a healthy eating plan.  Colonic Hydrotherapy at The Cleanse offers the first step to a new, improved you

libbe 2Obviously colon cleansing isn’t  the only way we can begin to be kinder to ourselves, we have listed below a few simple ideas, that if implemented into your daily routine can definitely bring improvements to you.  Begin by introducing one or two at a time and in no time hopefully you will feel a spring in your step!

Take more probiotics : Start taking a multi-strain probiotic every day. These rebalance the gut flora, which can be the cause of bloating. They also support efficient digestion to break down undigested foods which can cause discomfort.

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Eat fresh food: Have some apple cider vinegar before each meal and start eating in a relaxed environment to make sure you’re chewing your food well. Try to prepare fresh food, as these are more easily digested which will eliminate bloating.

Avoid processed foods: Avoid processed products such as white pasta, breads and baked goods (cakes, biscuits, pastries). Reduce simple sugars and refined carbohydrates by preferred pathogenic bacteria fermentation and encourage the growth of fungi.

Eat more fibre: Start eating more fibre by trying to consume seven different portions of vegetables and salad each day. Rolled oats, linseeds, ripe fruits and non-starchy vegetables (carrots, celery, bok choy, lettuce) may be the easiest to tolerate for those susceptible to bloating from vegetables.

Replenish your gut lining: Try drinking cups of homemade bone stock or including it in soups and stews. These are rich in the amino acid glutamine, essential to feed the cells lining our gut where final food digestion and absorption takes place. The gut lining takes 3-5 days to replenish so hopefully new cell growth will be nice and healthy by the time you go on holiday.

Soak legumes overnight: Leave legumes to soak well overnight as these will ease the way you digest them if they cause you bloating.


Make time to relax:  Stress is known to reduce the levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut and can occur in many ways such as a busy lifestyle or lack of sleep. Including some form of relaxation in the daily routine such as reading a book, yoga, meditation or taking a bath with lavender oil can only be of benefit!

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