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In an ideal world nobody would need colonic therapy…Just imagine for a minute…If we woke in the morning in a tropical paradise, gently aroused by little birds tweeting in the blue sky , got out of bed after a dream filled sleep and made our way to our private beach, feeling the soft sand beneath our toes and ate breakfast of local berries and fruit. We then spent all day helping others and smiling in the sunshine. Then, as the day  naturally turns to into the evening, you calmly return to your haven that is your home to blissfuly fall back into another wonderful night of slumber….. If only even a version of this were true then nobody would need colonic therapy because our bodies and in particular our digestive system which is so super amazing would be able to do exactly what it is designed to do.

HOWEVER, we unfortunately aren’t lucky enough to have this luxury – we are normally dragging ourselves out of bed shocked out of sleep by an alarm clock, usually when its still dark. stressed girl in morning Tweetering birds aren’t around just the pull of Twitter and social media while we haven’t even opened our eyes properly. Then we run around the house like a headless chicken with a piece of toast in one hand and your child’s homework in the other whilst trying to get everyone organised put a wash on and get ready to race out of the door for the morning commute…..

My point is this, every so often we need to calmly take a step back and give our systems a little reboot. You will be amazed at just how re-energised detoxing can make you feel.

Here at The Cleanse we recommend you try to detox at least twice a year, ideally four times a year is even better.  This can be anything from a 24 hour fast to a 14 day cleanse programme.  We have seen many clients over the years benefit from incorporating colonic hydrotherapy into there detox schedule.  Below you will find a couple of detox methods that you may find interesting. juice detox

We offer two colonic hydrotherapy sessions for just £80.00, please feel free to contact us on 07470 348 093 should you have any questions or to book!

In the meantime read on and dream of that sandy beach…..

Bentonite Claybentonite
Every cell in our body excretes waste material, which becomes toxic and poisonous to our bodies if it is allowed to build up faster than it can be eliminated or filtered out of the body. The most common symptoms of toxic buildup within the body are mental dullness, aching-stiff joints, gas and bloat, high acidity, digestive problems with the stomach and colon, acid reflux and fatigue. It is imperative to naturally detox to rid yourself of the effects of impurities and toxins. There is a lot of popular sharing of results of clay users suggesting that Calcium Bentonite Clay therapy may be an ideal detoxification treatment because it is safe and effective. Clay has many healing abilities due to its alkaline pH and high negative ionic charge, and it works on the entire organism. Take control of your body by detoxing to help regain and achieve the pinnacle of your health!

The legacy of exposure to persistent man-made chemicals combined with the denigration of the food chain has increased our susceptibility to chronic degenerative disease and cancer. Reversal can only come about by resolving these primary causes of disease. By releasing the toxic burden of the body and restoring its nutritional status, we can change our internal environment and achieve good health.

Resolving the primary causes of disease is facilitated by proper nutrition, exercise, and detoxing. Drinking plenty of water and simple sweating helps to flush your system of toxins, but clay therapy, which has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people around the world, has passed the test of time to be a superior natural detoxification method.

Clay is basically inert super charged minerals, and it gets its negative electromagnetic energy charge from the thermo dynamic heat and volcanic action that created it. When activated by water the clay awakens with a strength that radiates throughout the body, stimulating energy for the rebuilding and revitalization of latent cells, and starts a healing process. The body needs this energy to restore  balance essential to healthy maintenance. In addition, this super power has the ability to absorb harmful, toxic substances from within the body, tightly bind them within the molecule, and carry them out of the body.

By absorbing toxins before they enter the bloodstream, clay reduces the overload of toxins that the liver and kidneys normally have to filter out. By eliminating the buildup of waste lodged in the lower colon, clay allows the body to absorb more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The Ninja Dog     Yes you read it right!! This really could ONLY be from Japan!  We’ve seen some bizarre ideas in our day, but a “hot dog”  as a method for detoxing the body really tops the lot!. The Ninja Dog, sold at Japan’s IKEA stores, contains edible bamboo charcoal and plays into the trendy (but not so sure if its fact-based) idea that activated charcoal can clear out your system when ingested. Interestingly enough is the fact that if you do take charcoal in tablet form it WILL eliminate any smells from when you break wind, its something that we at THE CLEANSE recommend to our clients who feel embarrassed or anxious about flatulence.


This is an actual ninja hot dog from IKEA in Japan

Verdict: Come on. You’ll do far more for your health by assembling something from IKEA—a process which likely burns 483,920,483 calories, most of them born of frustration—than you will eating this glorified junk food.

Tongue scraping  this one we are definitely more familiar with, is an Ayurvedic practice that involves, well, scraping your tongue with something called, well, a tongue scraper.

The ancient Ayurvedic recommendation of tongue scraping is one that is often overlooked. There are many benefits to this daily practice as far as oral health, and overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. Since the oral cavity is one of the main gateways between your mind/body and the environment, maintaining the health of this connection is critical to general well-being.

No doubt, people who clean their tongue on a daily basis can validate the invigorating effects this practice has. In fact, by removing the coating and stimulating the tongue this helps to balance the heavy and dulling qualities of Kapha dosha in your physiology.tounge scrapper

Scraping the tongue daily removes any build-up on the tongue, which, if left untreated, can lead to bad breath and may house a significant number of bacteria. This simple practice is a direct way of removing Ama from your physiology. In Ayurveda, Ama refers to any accumulation of toxic residue in the mind-body. This can result from improper eating, poor digestion, or a reflection of an imbalance somewhere in the gastrointestinal system.

tongue-scraping-beforeafterIn addition, from an Ayurvedic perspective, by removing this coating you improve your ability to taste your food, which makes it more satisfying. By increasing your taste reception, not only do you eat less, you also eliminate the need to add more sugar, salt, or excessive spice to the food to make it more flavorful. Many of the beneficial phytonutrients and “body signals” that your food contains are first interpreted by the mind-body upon contact with receptors on the tongue. You want to improve this communication between your food and your body by removing any coating that is interfering with that connection. Also, many herbs have their beneficial effects from the initial contact with receptors on the tongue. Hence, you need a clear tongue to receive this healthy information.

Verdict: Given the evidence, we’d say this oral detox is worth trying.


Don’t hesitate to contact us on 07470 348 093 to book for the offer of 2 sessions for an amazing £80.00

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